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"A laugh packed send up of every vampire film you've ever loved"
Horror Society

"A really funny film that people want to watch again and again."
Horror Year Book

"The Vampires of Bloody Island is a knock-out!"
Vampire Film News

"A Gothic homage to the 1960s and 1970s Hammer Horrors."

"A real crowd pleaser."

Chris Jones, Oscar shortlisted director and author of the Guerilla Filmakers Book Series

"Pretty damned funny, and never taking itself too seriously.
I'd love to see it at a Midnight Movie Express along with Rocky Horror,
Heavy Metal, and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."


"A kick-ass soundtrack."

"Laugh-out-loud funny"

"Could attain Rocky Horror style cult status."

Fortean Times

"The most insanely humorous British vampire comedy for quite some time."
Taliesin Vampire Blog

"Set to tantalise fans of horror and comedy alike."
Jodie Taylor. British Film Magazine

"Viva la Vampires of Bloody Island!"
Manu Intiraymi, 'Icheb' in
Star Trek: Voyager

"Filled to it's rotting rafters with creepy comical characters"
First Fright

"If there's one film worth looking out for it's this one. I for one am totally hooked!"
Kirk Monteiro, British Thunderclap Award

"Every gothic element thrown in."

"Bloody Good Fun."

Chronicles Magazine

"Injects a strong modern humour into the
classic vampire films of the Hammer generation."

Pulp Movies

"In respect of the soundtrack, can I say … WOW!"

"A new Hammer Horror style British vampire film."

"We can recommend it to all who like tongue-in-cheek vampire romps."

Mensa Magazine

"Film lovers of weirdness, oddities and the beautifully bizarre have a treat in store."
Jodie Taylor, British Film Magazine

"The look of the film is rather impressive for a movie made on a low budget."
Synergy Magazine

"A cross betwen Carry On Screaming and The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
Kino Karno Film Festival

"The Vampires of Bloody Island soundtrack seriously rocks! Everyone who calls themselves a Goth NEEDS to own this film!"
Vampire Film News

"A bloody funny film. I'll give it four stars and a big bag of golden popcorn."
London Mensa News

"Fills the gaping chasm left in British vampire films since the demise of Hammer Studios 30 years ago."

"A lot of laughs. A cult classic!"

Chronicles Magazine

"Monty Python meets vampires."
Horror Yearbook

"A great fang-filled rib-tickler of a film."

"Buy it. And be prepared to shed tears of laughter!"

Mensa Magazine

"A comedy with a great sideways take on the world of vampires."

"Filled with fun characters and amazing visuals."

Chronicles Magazine

"A real cult classic."
The Scream Magazine

"Hammer House of Horror meets The Young Ones."

"Genuinely hilarious and tremendous fun."

Dark Nights Magazine

"This has got to be the hottest new Vamp movie DVD out right now.
Independent movie-makers Wibbell show every sign
of having a cult hit on their hands."


"A must-have for your DVD collection"


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